Step #1: The Basics

Your Clap4Health!℠ School/campus-wide fundraiser will bring together your entire school: students, teachers, staff, parents, and the surrounding community; everyone is encouraged to empower your student to become happier, healthier resilient adults.

Ask yourself:

Q. How can your fundraising efforts make the greatest positive difference in empowering the health and well-being of the “Whole Child” and the education of your students?

Consider: The money raised through your Clap4Health!℠ Fundraiser can make an impact on your entire student population by building your educational tools, healthy curriculum/resources and creating a “Circle Of Wellness” that last a Lifetime.

Where do the dollars raised go?

20% of all funds raised will go directly to the school/campus to provide and enhance physical fitness, nutritional education, and foster healthy habits on campus and at home. The remaining 80% will provide the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program at your school/campus for as many teachers as possible with the funds raised.

Q. What’s your story with regard to building healthy habits for students?

  1. How have you promoted physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness on your campus in the past?
  2. What worked? What did not work?
  3. Is this the first time your school/campus is doing something of this nature?

Discuss these things with your support team (teachers, administration, parents, volunteers, student group leaders, etc.). Determine how you want this program to impact the lives of your students, the lives of your faculty/staff, and the lives of your parents. Create your story and share it.