Step #6: Promotion

Everyone is a key part of promoting your Clap4Health!℠ Program on your campus and throughout the community. School staff, students, and parents all play a key role in the success of your program. Your website and social media sites offer timely and broad distribution of promotion.


  • Campus calendars, internal announcements, lounge/break room areas should all have information listed for the Clap4Health!℠ Event
  • Create a spirit day for staff to wear a particular color in promotion of the event
  • Ask staff to volunteer at the event and promote in their classrooms and offices


  • At a school assembly, hold a schoolwide kickoff celebration and make announcements on the PA
  • Ask teachers to spend a few minutes in each class discussing the event, the purpose and details
  • Discuss incentives for participation and levels of fundraising
  • Set up a bulletin board or wall to promote the event and have students participate in creating it


  • Mark your calendar/save the date info sent home 3–4 weeks before event
  • Communicate to parents using email, texts, newsletter, postcards regarding the event
  • Send donation collection details to parents and clearly explain options (donation envelope, website, and due date for all donations
  • Involve any parent groups/organizations

There are a number of videos on our website to serve as examples of how Clap4Health!℠ Comes to life with people, music, and fun! Check it out at:

Check out and use these resources provided in the appendix in your promotion, heart healthy educational programs/classroom presentations/lesson plans, on your website/social media, and even when sending home material leading up to the event.