Step #5: Kickoff Event

Building lots of excitement on campus for your upcoming event will take creative ways to communicate what the event is, why you have decided to do it, and provide details leading up to the event day. Creating signs, posters and fun announcements are perfect ways to gather interest and even involve the student-body in the process.

Key Tasks for a Strong Kickoff:

  1. Introduce the Clap4Health!℠ Event at a campus assembly and make announcements throughout the day.
  2. Have students create and hang signs/posters around campus for Kickoff day.
  3. Send info home with students on Kickoff day: Explain the purpose of the event and share why physical fitness is so important to healthy lives. Post info on your web site/social media too!
  4. Clearly explain how students will gather donations and set individual fundraising goals. Give a deadline for all donations and specific instructions on where to donate (ex: drop off envelopes or enter donations online).