Step #3: Plan your Clap4Health!℠ Event

You have selected your event date and the important dates surrounding it. Now it’s time to spread the word, build your support team, and truly make this a campus wide initiative.

Reach out to:

  • Teachers ( all teachers)
  • Support Staff
  • Administration
  • Parents
  • Parent Groups
  • Student Groups (Honor Society, DECA, Culinary Groups, Cheerleaders etc.)
  • Librarian
  • Athletes

Building enthusiasm with key people and organizations will yield support and promote involvement. Create a circle of support and identify who will assist in the planning, kickoff event, promotion, and the event itself. It is a good idea to schedule some specific dates and times to meet as a group and work on your plan. Get these dates on a calendar and share with others. If you already have a “Wellness Committee” this is a perfect program to implement if now it would be a wonderful time to create a “Wellness Committee” to execute Clap4Health!℠ into you school/campus.