Step #4: Set Fundraising Goal

Depending on the size of your campus, the heart-healthy school initiatives you wish to incorporate, and the collective ideas your planning team has discussed, set your fundraising goal to achieve the desired result that will have the most impact on your students. You can garner support by sharing your vision of what these fundraising dollars will be dedicated to and by promoting your participation incentive plans.


20% of all funds raised will go directly to the school/campus to provide and enhance physical fitness, nutritional education, and foster healthy habits on campus and at home. The remaining 80% will provide the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program For Children™ at your school/campus for as many teachers as possible with the funds raised.

Additional Ideas:

  1. Outdoor adventure program opportunities/field trips/events focused on physical fitness
  2. Wellness workshops and material
  3. Farmer’s Market – event with nutritional workshops
  4. Create/expand upon wellness education digital resources (website, eBooks/material, newsletters, social media)
  5. ShapeUp for Parents
  6. ShapeUp for Students
  7. Fitness classes

Encourage your students to set a personal fundraising goal and motivate them using the incentives you decide upon. Ideas include:

Top fundraiser incentives

  • Teacher-for-the-Day
  • Healthiest School
  • Homework pass
  • Prizes
  • Shape Up US Health and Wellness Expo

Top class incentives (highest amount and highest participation)

  • Class party
  • Fun Healthy Snack in the Classroom
  • Movie Day
  • School-wide goal incentive
  • Crazy hat/sock day
  • Free Day
  • Extra recess time
  • Shape Up US Health and Wellness Expo (water balloons, dunk tank, bounce houses, etc.)

Collecting Donations:

You have two ways to collect your event donations leading up to, during, and following your event:

  1. Send students home with an overview of your Clap4Health!℠ Event, fundraising goals, and a collection envelope with
    due date.
  2. See school/campus website for donation link.

Here are some ways to spread the word about the Clap4Health!℠ Fundraising Event:

  1. Post flyers in your community (always ask first!) around your school/campus and at places you frequent (clubs, organizations, social groups, gyms, recreation centers, etc.).
  2. Ask your parents to hang flyers/email info at their work and to their contacts.
  3. Hand out flyers to friends, relatives, neighbors that you know.
  4. Post on your social media.
  5. Send emails to friends and family.
  6. Think “outside the box” and be creative

Your school/campus will post a customized Clap4Health!℠ web page to promote the event, collect donations, and provide event details. Add to your website.